Effective July 1, 2013, retired Minnesota attorneys are able to provide pro bono representation as "emeritus lawyers." Retired Minnesota lawyers file a retirement affidavit with the Lawyer Registration Office and no longer need to pay the annual registration fees. Those who become emeritus lawyers will be able to engage in certain pro bono representation despite their retirement status. To fulfill the emeritus CLE requirement, attorneys seeking emeritus status are eligible for free or reduced-price CLEs through Legal Services State Support. State Support offers live webinar CLEs, as well as pre-recorded "On Demand" CLEs that attorneys can watch at any time.

Most organizations approved to refer pro bono cases to emeritus practice attorneys provide malpractice coverage.  This coverage is primary, since retired lawyers are not expected to have their own malpractice coverage.  If you have specific questions about malpractice coverage, please contact the referring organization for full details.

If you have questions about Emeritus Status, contact Katy Drahos, Access to Justice Director for the MSBA, at kdrahos@mnbars.org or 612-278-6330.

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