Making a Difference for Clients in Poverty

  • Elimination of Bias

In this interactive, 3.0 elimination of bias CLE, we review: a general overview of unconscious bias, especially affinity and confirmation biases; general strategies to identify our unconscious bias; and general strategies to interrupt our unconscious bias so we may act consistent with our values.

We then apply these strategies to unconscious bias as it relates to economic class, including establishing commonalities and trust and addressing gaps in our knowledge about the lived experiences of those in poverty. We then cover specifically:

The different types of poverty
The lived experience of people in generational poverty
Resource barriers that make it difficult for people in poverty to participate their legal representation (and how to overcome them)
The impact of ones lived experiences on ones decisions
Oral and Print communication styles

We end with a specific check-list and strategies for assessing and overcoming the poverty barriers of a specific client, as well as with information specific to the various areas of law in which attorneys may volunteer.

All are welcome to participate! VLN volunteers and HCBA members attend for free; all others are asked to pay a nominal charge of $25.