Seventh Annual Full Ethics and Elimination of Bias Training – Not Just for Public Interest Attorneys

  • Ethics
  • Elimination of Bias

This is a live broadcast webinar that includes live video, audio lecture from attorney presenters, and on-screen presentations that is designed to cover all five Ethics and Elimination of Bias CLE credits.

The seminars and times will be as follows with five-minute scheduled breaks between each session.

1st Seminar, 10:00am-11:00am: "The Tenants Project: Public Interest, Private Means" by Christopher Warnock of the Law Offices of Christopher Warnock and the Iowa Tenants' Project (1.0 hour CLE Elimination of Bias credit). The presentation will cover the problem of how to provide representation and advocacy for residential tenants, who are disproportionately low-income, racial minorities, ethnic/national-origin minorities and female. Mr. Warnock will highlight a unique model - the Iowa Tenants Project - self-funded, expert representation that advocates for this under-represented group.

2nd Seminar, 11:05pm-12:05pm: "Eliminating Legal System Bias Encountered by Disadvantaged Students, Four Examples" by William Dane of the University of Minnesota's Student Legal Service office (1.0 hour CLE Elimination of Bias credit). The presentation will focus on the interaction between a student-legal services attorney and his clients as well as their opponents when those clients face legal hurdles arising from their nationality & language use, their race, their disability and their low income.

3rd Seminar, 12:10pm-2:15pm: "Ethics for the Criminally Involved* (*lawyers)" a panel presentation by Sarah Sicheneder, Samuel Surface, Judge Jonathan Jasper, & Rebecca Fisher (2.0 hours CLE Ethics credits). This panel presentation will include a discussion about ethical considerations from a variety of perspectives within the criminal justice system - for general legal professionals, criminal defense attorneys, public defender attorneys, judges, and prosecutors.

4th Seminar, 2:20pm-3:20pm: "Ethics and the Business of Advising Small Businesses" by Madina Ameerally of the Ameerally Law Office, PLLC (1.0 hour CLE Ethics credit). Ms. Ameerally will discuss ethical implications of advising the owners of small businesses from startup through growth while protecting intellectual property and addressing conflicts.

  • CLE Credit Comments: This course has been approved by the Minnesota State Board of CLE for 3.0 hours of Ethics and 2.0 hours of Elimination of Bias CLE credits. Cost is $125 for the entire 5-hour seminar, $70 for 3 hours of Ethics seminars, $65 for 2 hours of Elimination of Bias seminars, or $35 for an individual hour/credit (note: the first ethics Seminar is set up for 2.0 credits, so it must be watched in full).
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