2010 Session Summaries

These session summaries provide a review of the changes made by the 2010 Minnesota Legislature that affect low-income Minnesotans, providing references to specific sections of law to assist legal services advocates and attorneys, and pro bono attorneys, who serve and represent low-income Minnesotans. The Session Summaries cover changes to Minnesota law in the following substantive areas: Child Care; Consumer Law; Courts; Data Practices; Disability and Mental Health Law; Domestic Abuse; Family Law; Food Supports; Health Care; Housing Law/Real Property Law; Immigration Law; Juvenile Law; Landlord-Tenant Law; Licensing/Background Checks/Collateral Sanctions; Poverty Law; Public Benefits Law; Transportation Law; Unemployment Insurance Law; and Utilities Law.

List of Acronyms

DEED = Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
DOA = Minnesota Department of Administration
DOC = Minnesota Department of Commerce
DHS = Minnesota Department of Human Services
DLI = Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry
DOH = Minnesota Department of Health
DPS = Minnesota Department of Public Safety
FPG = Federal Poverty Guideline
HUD = United States Department of Housing and Urban Development
MSA = Minnesota Supplemental Assistance
MFIP = Minnesota Family Investment Program
OAH = Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings