Maltreatment of an Adult Case

  • Location: Duluth
  • Organization: Volunteer Attorney Program - Northeast Minnesota

This case is AVAILABLE.

This is a very agreeable client. She is looking for an advocate for her case, but more she is looking for an attorney that can guide her through this process whatever the outcome. Client’s adult daughter is a severely ill alcoholic. Her ailments include, but are not limited to: Cirrhosis of the liver, diabetes, alcoholism, sometimes delusions, and she is prone to nervous breakdowns, etc. The County upon request of adult daughter had investigated and substantiated the allegations of maltreatment, specifically financial exploitation and caregiver neglect. Daughter called the County in anger because mother would not give her the full amount of her SSI check. Client divides the check in half, distributes it to her daughter in increments and keeps a small portion for common household bills and expenses. Client is on SSI and has barely enough to pay the bills. Client has guardianship by court order, along with her adult son, over Daughter. Mother wants Daughter to live with her and Daughter wants to live with Mother. Daughter regrets her call to the County and the allegations she had put forth. Mother was in court on Aug. 8th and lost guardianship of her daughter as it relates to everything except her daughter's medical care. There is a review hearing on October 24, 2017. Adult son remains guardian of sister. Client is 75 years old and hard of hearing. The Client believes the allegations to be patently false and wishes to contest the findings.

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