What types of cases can I post?
Pro bono cases are defined here.

How will I find out if the case has been accepted?
If there's an interested volunteer, s/he will need to contact you for more information. If you'd like to easily keep track of case status (Under Review, Accepted, Closed), you can become a cases tool administrator. Please contact the ProJustice admins to get started.

What else should I know?

  • Please be sure to not enter information below that could identify the prospective client. That information is only exchanged when you speak to an interested volunteer.
  • It is important to make the brief case description as compelling as you can in the Legal Issue field. That field is viewed by prospective volunteers in email alerts, while the Description is only viewed by those who click the link. A compelling title increases the chance an attorney will take the case.
  • Once a case is placed with an attorney, either through ProJustice or through another referral source, please notify the ProJustice admins, and if you are a cases tool administrator, change the case status to Placed.

Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

General Information
  1. Note: The Legal Issue is the first thing potential volunteers will see, so make it as compelling as possible.
  2. Note: Please do not include names or any other information that could identify the parties.
  3. Note: On this date the case will be automatically removed from the New Cases page. If you are a case administrator, you will get an email alert if the case expires. Contact the website administrator to become a case administrator or if you are not sure if you are.
  5. Do you want to display the events for this case on this area's calendar? Yes No
  6. This date information will only be displayed on this opportunity, it will not display on this area's calendar.
Contact Information
Submitter Information
  1. Please complete the verification task.