Voting Rights: Accessibility at the Polls

  • Rights of the Disabled
  • ADA

We are looking for dozens of volunteers (no law degree required!) to help us survey polling locations across the state of Minnesota as part of a joint-venture between the Disability Law Center and the Minnesota Secretary of States Office. Volunteers must be available to attend an in-person training and commit to visiting a minimum of 3 polling locations between August 7 and August 14, 2018. At each polling location, a 40 question survey must be completed by the volunteer. These survey questions involve evaluating physical accessibility of the site as well as speaking with the head election judge. Following the site visit, volunteers are asked to upload the information to an on-line site within 48 hours to allow for compilation and analysis of the results. Information gleaned through this survey will be given to the Secretarys Office and polling locations will be notified of potential accessibility issues that could create a barrier for individuals seeking to vote in the general election.

ADDITIONAL STATE WIDE TRAINING AVAILABLE: We are happy to train groups of volunteers throughout the state. If you are interested in forming a team of volunteers (minimum 6-8 individuals) and would like us to come to your location for training, please contact Kirsten Olson.